Active Threat Hunting & Hot Pursuit

Security is achieved by hunting down the threat actors. Our unique methodologies ensure that whatever be your industry or infrastructure, threat actors are actively hunted down and if required pursued to their logical end

Laxman Rekha

Verify and Audit your Laxman Rekha.

‘Laxman Rekha’ is that impregnable perimeter security which the legends say even the heaven winning most ferocious rogue actor ‘Raavan’ could dare not breach. We build for you such a security, whatever be your industry, infrastructure albeit cost effectively.

Honey Pot

Security is trapping the rogue actors off the target, we build for you a honey field which lets rogue actors, enimical to your security float around with no harm to you.

Mobile Testing

Get your mobile app tested for data leaks, through rough actors playing with your code. We Cyber seal your apps through unique testing, they become solid as gold, flexible to customers, hard to hackers.